Woodworking Projects and Plans,
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LED lighting update

It's been almost two years since this experiment started

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Recent Projects...

Canoe Paddle Door Decoration

It's not exactly a Christmas Wreath but we like it.

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FIXING the tip-out tray

Love this little storage project but should have made my own tray right from the beginning.

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End Grain Coasters

A Random Layout and Contrasting Woods, make these a step above ordinary coasters

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Spaceman Spiff Picture Frame

A Retro-Modern Curved frame using some wood with wild grain

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Van Centre Console

I designed something smaller than the factory console, but it has more storage, and is more useful!

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Better DIY on-camera mic mount

Making a simple extendible friction-fit mic mount for my homemade video microphone.

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Project From The Archives...

(I've been posting woodworking projects to the web in one form or another since 1996.)

Marble Racetrack Toy: Let me show you how I made this easy-to-build, wonderfully noisy, marble toy.

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