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Cedar Table





(Sorry, the photo turned out rather dark. Remember, this is way before I had a digital camera!)

I built this table in one day, on July 1, 1996 -- Canada Day!

The tables intended use is dual-purpose. Most of the time it will sit by the back door as a place to set down packages while unlocking the door. At other times it will serve a holder of books, drinks, and whatnot while we sit on the deck.

In part this was also a "Ok, we've got the stuff (left-over wood), we've got the idea, we've had the need for a while and I feel like making some sawdust tonite so let's DO IT!!" evening. Big, Long, Involved, projects do have their place. It is also very satisfying to think of, plan, design, and build a project in one evening.

It was built out of 2x4 Cedar end-cuts, left over after building some fence sections. (ie: Whatever was laying around in the garage.)

And there were no plans. It was a matter of just (1) Visualized it in my head. (2) Measured the spot by the door. (3) layed out the left-over cedar end-cuts on the bench. (4) finalized size based on the available material. (5) When the top was complete, picked an arbitrary angle for the legs (10 degrees on my table-saw) and cut the end of one soon-to-be-leg board. positioned it on the table, looked good, proceeded with the rest of the legs.

Here is a faked-up drawing of the project. No accurate measurements, certainly not a true 3d representation. Just enough to capture the idea. (Actually, the real table has six boards across the top, not seven as shown here)


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