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Tablesaw Crosscut sled

When I built my first Cross Cut Sled jig for my tablesaw, about 5 years ago, I did not have access to a digital camera (did anyone?), nor did I bother taking a photo of it

Recently I had to build a new sled, for a new saw, and this time took a few snapshots to put here.

I won't go into details of the construction, that is explained well enough in the original web page. One new feature I added was the little box on the back of the jig, where the sawblade would come out if you pushed it all the way through. This is an added safety feature. First, it helps contain the saw blade, in case you do push the jig too far. Second, it serves as a visual and physical reminder to put your hands somewhere else! I think this idea came from Kelly Mehler's table saw book. I should paint it red sometime...

This shot demonstrates how I can leave my home made Table Saw Splitter mounted on the saw even when using this jig.


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