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Thursday, Dec 1, 2005 -- Finished

Jodi, I just finished this rolling shop cabinet this morning. (Haven't even tried sawing with it yet) Here are a handfull of photo's:

Birch plywood carcass, walnut trim on the top, walnut faces on the drawers, Maple face frame and drawer pulls. The custom drawer pulls are quite easy to make. I've used them on my workbench drawers for the past 6-12 months and I find them sturdy, useful, and stylish.

Simple baltic-birch drawers. These european drawer slides are much cheaper than full-extension slides, and still have a 100lb weight capacity, which should be plenty.

And here it is in it's planned location.

I don't recall if I passed this on to you or not: Here are recent pictures / layout of my shop. I sent this to Jess or Rose back when we were discussing having pictures of the cabinet taken here.


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