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Quick Toybox


This was a quick and simple toybox, completed in about 8 days -- and yes, I do have a day job.

The legs/frame are Cherry 3/4" x 2" pieces. The frames are joined with pocket holes. A rabbeting bit in the router was then used to cut a rabbet on the inside of the five frames. (four sides plus the lid). The pocket holes were plugged with cherry plugs.

The frames were then pre-finished with Linseed Oil (Tried-and-True Danish), leaving the rabbets and the future glue locations bare.

Baltic birch was cut to fit in the openings, taking care that all the grain ran sideways. A small bit was masked off on the edge of each panel, and then the pieces were coloured emerald on the outside faces (Saman water-based wood stain #103). The panels were next clamped and glued into position, and reinforced with just a few pocket hole screws. I would have liked to have plugged them, but 12mm (half-inch) baltic birch is too thin, and the screws are not recessed enough for plugs.

The four sides were then glued together with biscuits providing reinforcement and alignment. Small 3/4" ledger strips were fastened along the inside bottom and a baltic birch base was glued and screwed down.

Three coats of Varathane satin provide a nice protection from the inevitable abuse that all toyboxes are subjected to.

...Just in time for Christmas.

(Dimensions: 32" wide, 18" tall, 20" deep )


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