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Desktop Organizer


As seen in the February 2006 issue of Canadian Home Workshop Magazine.
(Please see the issue for a detailed article. I'm just going to feature a few of my own photos/notes here.)

First, a "sketch"

Usually I go straight from paper sketch to working with wood. On this project, I thought it was worth the price of a 2x4 section of plywood, plus an evening or two, to first make a prototype. I wanted to get an idea of the size and proportions. More importantly, though, I wanted to try out the construction methods which I had been considering, as well as just to see what I thought of the look of the unit.

So, I banged together a 3D-model out of 3/8" plywood. It just took me one evening. I did take some shortcuts (using nails instead of dadoes for some joints). For one thing, this reassured me that 3/8" thick stock was a good choice. It is not too heavy, but gives me some stock to work with, as well as providing rigidity.

Next, A Dry Fit

There are a lot of interlocking pieces in this, with dadoes everywhere. So, I thought a dry fit was crucial. And the dry fit confirms my fears: it is tricky to put together. The glue-up will be challenging.

(In front of the organizer is a test scrap with finish applied.)

Finally, the Finished Product

I love the look of that spalted maple.


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