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Oak Stool

As seen in the October 2010 Issue of Canadian Home Workshop Magazine.
( Please see the issue for a detailed article.)

I think that probably the most intimidating part of building a stool is the fact that on most stools, the legs splay outward in two directions. Trying to figure out those angles and making sure you've got it right can give anyone headaches.

If you've got a Compound Miter saw, you can make the angles. You can! Just take the time to practise. I pulled out some scrap pine boards and used them to practise. It went a long way to improving my confidence. It's just a short stool, and I banged it together with brad nails. It's not meant to last, just to help you sort out the angles. However it also helps with figuring out the construction procedure, and gives you an idea of the look.

As well, pocket hole joinery simplified matters a great deal with construction. It's a simple and strong joint. Also, with some oak plugs, the joinery is hidden away and probably won't be noticed by most people.

Photo Gallery

First I developed several ideas in Google Sketchup, before settling on this basic design.

As mentioned, a prototype stool in basic pine helped with sorting out construction details

The prototype was nowhere near the finished size of the project, but still very helpful.

Closeup of the joinery, showing the well-hidden pocket holes.

Closeup of the seat, showing the scooped design.

the finished project.


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