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FIXING the tip-out tray



I installed a tip-out tray in the vanity of our bathroom almost a year ago, and for the most part we love it. It was easy to install, and it add useful storage to the bathroom that would otherwise be unuseable.

There are just two problems that we have with it. The first, is that the stock plastic trays are too short. There is room for at least another five inches of storage in the front of our vanity.

The second, and more troubling issue, is that sometimes when closing the tray objects can jump out of the tray as the hinges snap the panel closed.

So, in addition to making the tray longer, I want to make the front edge of the tray a small amount taller.

I'm using some thin 5-6mm (1/4") thick scrap plywood for the sides of the tray. I just used the plastic tray to determine the width of the piece I needed to cut out for the back.

I cut the front to be just a half-inch taller than the front edge of the tray.

Since the front, back, and bottom are all being made from thin plywood. I chose thicker 1/2" solid wood for the ends, to make it easier to fasten things together.

I used the tray to help figure out the width of the end panels and then marked out the height of the front and back onto the new piece...

...and then cut out the ends on the bandsaw

I glued and nailed the ends into place and then cut out a bottom to the exact size and glue it into place as well. These huge clamps are overkill, but they do hold things nice and parallel.

A quick coat of lacquer and then it is ready to install. Here is an end-comparison to show how the new tray has a taller front on it. It is also maybe 1/8" wider from front to back

And then here I show how the new tray is longer.

The next two photos show the tray being installed, and the finished project. I used the same screw holes as I had used for the plastic tray.

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