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Bathtub Refinishing Fiasco

In 2017 we wanted to "refresh" the kids' bathroom. At first we were just going to repaint it, but the project scope grew a bit. The subject of this article is that we decided to try refinishing the tub

We wanted to change the look of our bathtub, but did not want to go through the expense or difficulty of ripping it out. Instead I decided to try painting it. I had heard of other people doing so. I watched four or five different youtube videos that showed people having good results painting their tub with the same Rust-Oleum tub+tile kit that I found at the local big box home store. So I decided to try.

I was not expecting perfect results. I knew it would not look as good as new. But we wanted to get rid of the brown, and we figured that if this gave us 3-5 years, then we would be satisfied.

Unfortunately, we were more than a bit disappointed with the results.

Here are the three videos that cover the project: First the project video, followed by a 2 month report, follwed by a 2 year report.

Please Note: I am located in Canada. The product I bought was also from Canada. Several people have pointed out that the US product has a different formulation and has different application instructions. I wish I'd known that before hand. (The third video goes deeper into that topic.)




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