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Wes Hamstra Shop Tour


Lately I was noticing a lot of shop tours on YouTube. (Circa January 2020). I considered making a shop tour video for my own channel as well. However, I made a shop tour only a few years ago, and I did not think that my shop has really changed that much.

So then I had the idea to mix things up a bit. Instead of making a shop tour video of MY shop, I would make a shop tour video of someone else' shop. Wes Hamstra is another YouTube woodworker who lives not that far where I do. I've gotten to know Wes over the past few years, as we have both been working to grow our YouTube channels.

In the above video I am visiting and exploring Wes Hamstra's shop. And in turn, Wes visited my shop and he recorded a shop tour video of my shop to release over on his channel. We thought it would be interesting to get a different perspective of each other's shop.

(Normally, I make a written article to accompany project videos, so that people can choose to either watch a video or read an article. But in this case I am going to refer you to the video.)


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