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Coffee Table



Here are the plans for the coffee table which I built in the above video.

My original plans featured legs that were 1-1/2" square, and shelves that were 40" long. During the course of the build, as shown in the video, I modified the legs to be 2" square, and therefore shrunk the shelves by 1". I then came back and modified my original sketchup model, and those changes are now reflected in these plans.

I have included BOTH the original plan of a rectangular top, as well as the subtly-curved top that I ended up building. One of the images below shows the curved top (in blue) superimposed upon the rectangular top, which provides the measurments needed to make the curves.

I used dowels for joinery, but you could also use Dominos or traditional Mortise + Tenon joinery. I do not show any joinery in these sketches.

First, here are some 3D views of the coffee table with the rectangular top that I first intended to build. It is shown with a chamfer only under the ends, which was done to match the 1950s table which I built last year.

Second, here is the same table, but now with a curved top.

Another 3D view, this time with the top removed. The top shelf is quite shallow -- there is only 3-1/2" of vertical space. I envision this as a place to tuck away your laptop or a book or two.

These 2D and 3D renderings have all the critical dimensions marked on them.

This sketch shows the rectangular top compared to the top with curves.

This sketch shows all the parts, except for the legs, again with dimensions noted.

Finally, this sketch shows the curved top superimposed over the rectangular top. The corners are 1/2" in from both the top and the side, and then joined with curves, as shown in the video.

Some of the Tools/Supplies Used In This Project: (Affiliate Links)

Dowelmax Company
NOTE: at the time of publishing (May 2023) Dowelmax is not currently available on amazon. It has been in the past, so I am keeping the following links, but right now only the link above to "" is known to work.
Dowelmax Dowel Joinery Kit
Dowelmax Drill Guides for 1/4" Dowels
Dowelmax Dowels

Hitachi M12VE Variable Speed Plunge Router
(I have an older version of this router. It is a big heavy beast, and works great.)
Irwin Quick Grip XP600 Clamps
Painter's Pyramids
Minwax Oil-Modified Polyurethane
3M Finishing Pads / Scotch Brite

Lee Valley 1-5/8" diameter chamfer router bit (#16J3062)
(45-degree chamfer router bits at Amazon)

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