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Garage Sports & Toy Organizer



This sports and outdoor toy organizer is designed to pack a lot of stuff into a small and narrow space. It is a lot easier to keep the garage clean, if you have a proper place to store things!

I built this 15 years ago when our kids were young and we used this to it's fullest for many years. Our kids are grown now, and it was time to disassemble this. I filmed that process as I did so, and then showed that in reverse in the video above, so that I could explain the thinking behind each module, and show how it went together.

My hope is that you find this interesting and maybe get some ideas that you can use in organizing your own garage.

I designed this organizer as a series of "modules". Each of the modules is built to fit around, and hang off of, these two uprights. These are some long and straight 2x4's which are attached to the garage wall on the flat. All the modules are then screwed into the uprights at whichever height makes sense for our needs.

My kids loved their folding scooters. We had several of them. However, actually folding them is diffcult for younger children, and so the scooters were not ever folded. Therefore, storing them neatly is a challenge.

The scooter storage module is inspired by bike storage racks, where the wheels are trapped in the gap between two boards. There is also a right-angle notch for the front wheel, which permits you to store the scooter with the handle at right angles. This allows you to ft the scooters very close together, and yet still have them easily accessible.

I designed this to hold three, and that is reflected in the plans. However, very quickly I had to hack my organizer to add on a spot for a fourth.

Skateboards tuck nicely into the space behind the scooters. Supporting a skateboard is quite simple, just requiring a horizontal support arm at each end.

Basketballs and soccer balls will just roll off of a conventional shelf. So you either need a box or basket, or net bag, or some other type of storage ... like this dedicated ball "shelf". This is simply a pair of support arms (almost identical to the skateboard arms), along with a front and back crosspiece that the balls rest securely upon.

Finally, at the top of our organizer, I also added some shelves. A basic shelf is a useful addition to hold your soccer shoes, bike helmets, and so on. This shelf is designed with a lip on front, as well as sides, to help prevent things from rolling off.

They are also notched at the back corners, to fit around the uprights.

Once the organizer was built, I added even more storage on the sides. I took a short length of 2x4, drilled some large holes through it, and used it to hold bats or badminton rackets. After drilling the hole, you need to cut in through the sides, intersecting with the holes, to provide access to slip the bat handle in and out.

I stopped at this point, but you could come up with your own modules that would fit these uprights, or more hooks and things on the side for tennis rackets or whatever.


Some of the Tools/Supplies Used In This Project: (Affiliate Links)

I didn't really show off any tools so...
Soccer Balls
Volley Balls
Badminton Stuff
Other Garage Sports Equipment and Stuff

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