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Cedar Strip Canoe


Cedar Strip Canoe

Beginning in January of 2014, I was part of a group build of a Cedar Strip Canoe.

Collected here are the photos that document the lengthy process. There are over 300 photos in total, so I have broken the album up into parts. Each one has approximately 50 photos, plus accompanying descriptions.


A friend of mine, Albert, has built two cedar strip canoes. I've never built one at all. However, I did help him ONE evening around eight years ago, with applying fibreglass cloth + resin, to the bottom of his second canoe.

Anyway, Albert approached me with the idea of building a canoe this winter. It would be a group build among different groups of people at our church. We have old and young, urban and rural, as well as a number of "street level" people who are connected in various ways to our church. This would be partly for fun, partly as a fundraiser (as we plan to raffle off the canoe), but mostly to build fellowship among different people. As well, we hoped to give some skills and a sense of accomplishment to some folks who have never done anything at all like this before.

There are a few of us in the core group who are reasonably skilled woodworkers, but only my friend had ever built a canoe before. We are following the plans and techniques found in Ted Moores book "Canoecraft".

Photo Album:

Canoe Build: 1
Part one of the project: Getting started, building the strongback, starting with strips, etc...
Canoe Build: 2
Part two: Continuing and finish installing all the strips, starting to sand...
Canoe Build: 3
Part three: Applying the fibreglass and resin, sanding, sanding, sanding...
Canoe Build: 4
Part four: fibreglassing the inside, gunnels and seats...
Canoe Build: 5
Part five: Handles, seats again, and more sanding...
Canoe Build: 6
Part Six: Finishing up, auctionging off...


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