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Around-The-House Projects

Installing Bed Bolts
Removing old bent bed frame hardware and replacing with Bed Bolts for a much better connection
Basement Window Replacement
...because I need a window that actually opens!
Making DIY LED Fixtures
Another experiment with LED strip lights. Stud channels and diffusers give a more soft even light.

LED lighting update
It's been almost two years since this experiment started
FIXING the tip-out tray
Love this little storage project but should have made my own tray right from the beginning.
A Tip-Out Storage Tray
A simple project to add some storage to the front of any vanity or kitchen counter in front of the sink

T8 vs T8 LEDs
Comparing some new plug-and-play T8 LED bulbs to regular fluorescent T8 bulbs
LED strip lighting revisited
I have a better solution for using these LEDs strips as regular lights
Basic Bike Rack
A few basic tools and some construction lumber are all you need to build this.

Umbrella Rack
Build a slender umbrella holder that is thin enough to hide between the door and the wall
LED Lighting Experiment
Just how bright are those LED strip lights? Can they be used as regular lighting?
Fixing a Broken Chair Spindle
Quick Fix to repair a broken spindle in the back of a chair

Under-The-Stairs Rolling Storage Cart
Build a rolling cart to fit some storage under the bottom end of your basement stairs.
Window Replacement
A photo essay on replacing some windows in my house.
Bathroom Stepstool
Little ones need a step up to help them reach the sink!

Umbrella holder (v1)
A quick weekend project to build a slender umbrella stand that hides behind the door.
Kitchen Hinge Fix
A quick fix to repair particleboard cabinets after the screws on your Euro-hinges rip out leaving a gaping hole.
Quick and Simple Bike Rack
Bring order to your garage, with just an afternoon of work!

A Recycled Mirror
A recycled mirror, a large space, a small bit of wood, and some ingenuity...
Spray Foam Insulation Kit
A photo essay on using a DIY Spray foam insulation kit.
Broken Spindle Fix
A snapped spindle from your staircase railing need not be a tragedy.

Microwave Stand Hack
Fit a pair of drawers into a microwave stand to reduce the clutter.
Simple Cabinet Doors
Turn some functional, but messy built-in bookcases into beautiful floor-to-ceiling cabinets.
Hardwood Floor Installation
This photo essay is not a standard woodworking project, but something well within the ability of any woodworker or DIY'er.

Backyard Ice Rink
It's Quick, Easy, and Loads of fun.
Basic Kids Bike Rack
Bring some organization to your kids bikes storage!