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Kids Projects

Shut-The-Box Game
More than just a classic party game, this is also a Skill Building project that includes: Piston-Fit nested boxes, Learning to apply Veneer, Gluing in a Suede playing surface, and more!
Garage Sports & Toy Organizer
Pack a ton of storage into 24 inches of wall space in your garage
Wood Jack-o-Lanterns
Never touch pumpkin guts again. (also, a fun little Halloween craft that can be made with just a few common power tools)

Simple Stepstool Project
A fun and quick beginner oriented project that you can make in an hour with just a few tools.
Mid Century Modern Tray
Classic and Elegant, and also a great beginner's project
Shaker Inspired Stepstool
A solid time-tested design, with clean lines and contrasting wood

Tabletop Easel
A Simple project, excellent for the beginner, which I took up a notch with some creative finishing
Mid Century Modern Tray
My OLDEST woodworking project makes a great beginner or kids project
Dice Tower
This one comes with a tray that it nests in, and is see through so you can see the dice tumble!

Heirloom Push Toy
An Intricate Heirloom that will be cherished for years -- and makes a bit of a racket. (Plans Available)
Knockdown Guitar Stand
Building a solid Cherry guitar stand with maple accents (PLANS NOW AVAILABLE)
Marble Racetrack
Let me show you how I made this wonderfully noisy marble toy.

Nested Finger-Jointed Card Boxes
Two simple boxes nest together to provide custom storage for card games.
Headphone Holders
Building some fun stands to hold your headphones. A fun and creative father+son project.
iPod/iPhone Passive Speaker
Improve the sound of your iPod or iPhone with this quick, simple, and fun project

Bathroom Stepstool
Little ones need a step up to help them reach the sink!
Tangram and Gift Box
Building a Tangram Tile set and presentation box
Theo's Castle
A modular wooden castle for your favourite young 'knight'. Build as many pieces as you want, and your child can build and re-build many different castles.

Pinewood Derby Time!
(aka: Kub Kars)
Blocks + Wagon
A classic set of unit blocks in a race-car inspired storage wagon.
Display Shelves
A pair of Cherry shelves, with a Mission flair, to liven up a room.

Two Marble Drop Toys
One classic reproduction, and one freeform design, both guaranteed fun
Dollhouse Bookcase
European Style and hidden compartments makes this much more than just another Dollhouse bookcase.
Quick Toybox
When it absolutely positively needs to be done now.

Table Hockey Game
Build your own indoor hockey set.
Junior Mower
Constructing a child's push toy in the shape of a push mower.