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All Projects, Organized by Year: 2013 and earlier

Here is an index of all of my woodworking project articles, sorted by year.

This index contains articles from 2013 and earlier

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Projects from 2013:

Frame Build
Building the picture frames designed in "Frame Design"

Easy End Table
-- Designed to be easy for the beginner to make a great looking table.
Frame Design
Using Sketchup in designing some picture frames
Desktop Divider
A photo essay of how I made a translucent office desk divider panel.

Box Joint Trivets
Make some classy trivets out of interlocking pieces of wood.
Theo's Castle
A modular wooden castle for your favourite young "knight".
Shaker-Style Stepstool
A modern interpretation of a classic piece of furniture.

Tool Tote Organizer
Building a simple tray to securely organize and hold my jobsite tools in a canvas tote bag.
Cargo Trailer
A simple inexpensive design for a Bicycle Cargo Trailer
Bookshelf Bench
A low shelf, designed to fit at the foot of a bed. Stylish and strong, made of solid Black Cherry.

Build this traditional grub box, for your next canoe trip.
Aging Cherry
A finishing experiment, using Lye to accelerate the natural darkening of Cherry that comes with time.
Have fun destroying an old Hard Drive to find two very powerful magnets.

Dado Strategy
An out of the ordinary project gives a chance to look at construction methods that makes quick work of a lot of dados. Box Joint Jig
A detailed photo essay on building this well engineered jig

Multi-Tip Screwdrivers
Take a look at several of these useful tools.
Yarn Swift
Delight the knitter in your life with this elegantly simple project.
Umbrella Stand
A quick weekend project to build a slender umbrella stand that hides behind the door.

Projects from 2012:

Kitchen Hinge Fix
A photo essay on a quick fix to repair particleboard cabinets after he screws on your Euro-hinges rip out leaving a gaping hole.
Canoe Paddle II
More fun with hand crafting canoe paddles.
Spruce Shaker Bed
Classic elegant lines for this project, in reclaimed lumber

Bike Rack
Bring order to your garage, with just an afternoon of work!
A Recycled Mirror
A recycled mirror, a large space, a small bit of wood, and some ingenuity...
Canoe Paddle
A laminated hand made tool for summer paddling.

Air Rocket System
No Fireworks, No rocket fuel; Just some pipes, paper, and compressed air make for high-flying fun.
DW735 Blade Changing Hack
A quick and simple homemade tool to make changing the blades much easier.
Blocks and Wagon
A classic set of unit blocks in a race-car inspired storage wagon.

Projects from 2010-11:

Bandsaw Storage
Find some needed storage inside the base.
Spray Foam
A photo essay on using a DIY Spray foam insulation kit.

Computer Monitor Stand
A simple ergonomic desktop support, with a splash of colour.
Double Decker Nightstand
A unique design implemented in Padauk and Maple.
Broken Spindle Fix
A snapped spindle from your staircase railing need not be a tragedy.

Microwave Stand Hack
Fit a pair of drawers into a microwave stand to reduce the clutter.
Simple Cabinet Doors
Turn some functional, but messy built-in bookcases into beautiful floor-to-ceiling cabinets.
Oak Stool
A simple yet stylish skill building project. Build one in a weekend, or maybe 2 or 3...

Projects from 2008-09:

Fishtank Cabinet
Strong and beautiful, providing loads of storage, and a little secret spot around back to hide ugly cord tangles.

Spice Garage
A tambour door turns a basic spice rack into some elegant hidden storage in your kitchen.
Serving Tray
After more than thirty years of service, it was time to replace a well used shop-class project with something new.
Small Oak Bookcase
The classic look of Red Oak, with many Mission-inspired details.

Bare Bones Bike Repair Stand
Some scrap wood, and a pipe clamp are all you need.
Display Stand
Inspired by an original Gustav Stickley design, reinterpretated in reclaimed pine, using simple modern construction methods.
Calendar Frame
Lacewood for flair, Cork and Rare-Earth Magnets for useability, combine to make this project special.

Stretched Octagon Table
Adventures in finishing a table featuring a piece of mysterious Tanzanian wood.
Pine End Table
A simple yet stylish project, designed with the beginner in mind.
Hardwood Floor Installation
A Photo Essay. Not a standard woodworking project, but something well within the ability of any woodworker or DIY'er.

Projects from 2006-07:

Backyard Ice Rink
It's Quick, Easy, and Loads of fun.
Basic Kids Bike Rack
Bring some organization to your kids bikes storage!

"Disposable" Router Table
Not literally disposable, but quick, simple, and CHEAP.
Marble Racetrack
Race your opponent to the bottom, be the first to ring the bell!
Tall Dresser
A simple design, with custom touches, for a child's room.

Cutting Boards
Watch out, making cutting boards is addictive.
Display Shelves
A pair of Cherry shelves, with a Mission flair, to liven up a room.
Desktop Organizer
Spalted maple brings this piece alive!

Theo's Castle
A "kit" of various pieces, build as many as you want, and your child can build and re-build many different castles.
Two Marble Drop Toys
One classic reproduction, and one freeform design, both guaranteed fun
Dollhouse Bookcase
A European Style design makes this much more than just another "Dollhouse" bookcase.

Projects from 2005 and earlier:

Jr Mower push toy
I'll warn you ... this makes noise!
A child's push toy in the shape of a push mower.
1999 Michigalootapalooza
A photo diary about a 'Galoot' (handtools woodworking) gathering to make Shaker boxes.

Quick Toybox
When it absolutely positively needs to be done now.
Two Seat Bench
This solid cherry bench is my interpretation of a garden bench crossed with a deacon's bench.

Rhythm Box
Smaller than a real drum kit, and far less noisy...
Table Hockey
Build your own indoor hockey set.

Tool Cabinet
A unique start to a wall hanging tool cabinet

Even Older Projects with Few Photos, and Few Details...

Furniture Projects:

Picture Frames Maple and Oak frame a treasured piece.
Trivets Quick and simple on the tablesaw.
Nesting Wooden Beach Chairs Interlocking pieces nest together, in contrasting maple and cherry.
TV Stand
Mission Love Seat The wood is cherry, the heart is Mission.
Simple Kitchen Table
Shaker-style Jam Cupboard in pine.
Snowflake Ornaments
Toy/Blanket chest in Maple and Cherry. Simple plywood construction, but dressed up with hardwood.
Quilt Hanger
Small 5-board footstool Just wood and glue, no metal fasteners.
Small shaker-style pine table An exercise in handtool techniques, including Mortise and Tenon joints.
Cherry knicknack tray.
Small cherry bookcase
Oak Stereo cabinet

REMEMBER: This index contains articles from 2013 and earlier

All article links: 2017 and onward -- 2014 through 2016 -- 2013 and earlier