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All Projects, Organized by Year: 2014-2016

Here is an index of all of my woodworking project articles, sorted by year.

This index contains articles from 2014 through 2016

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Projects from 2016:

Noisy Push Toy
An Intricate Heirloom that will be cherished for years -- and makes a bit of a racket. (Plans Available)
T8 vs T8 LEDs
Comparing some new plug-and-play T8 LED bulbs to regular fluorescent T8 bulbs

Tool Bag Organizer
A simple and easy-to-build wooden insert to bring order to your grab-and-go toolkit
Barbecue Platter
It's Not A Cutting Board! (But it does use a lot of similar techniques...)
A Board With A Hole
A tour of my cheap and simple homemade router tables

Custom Laminated Canoe Paddle
Just because I'm going to bang it on rocks, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful!
Tall Mission Dresser
Making a matching piece for the Mission Nightstand
Canoe Paddle Rack
A simple little project to bring some order to your camping supplies storage.

Build this popular European outdoor game in a weekend.
Epoxy T-Shirt Experiment
Turn a T-Shirt into a framed piece of artwork.
LED strip lighting revisited
I have a better solution for using these LEDs strips as regular lights

Basic Bike Rack
A few basic tools and some construction lumber are all you need to build this.
Umbrella Rack
Build a slender umbrella holder that is thin enough to hide between the door and the wall
Torx VS Robertson
First Impressions: Can the Torx Screw provide competition for the mighty Robertson?

Endless Calendar
A simple perpetual desk calendar you can build in a day
Mission Nightstand with a twist
Keeping the design as elegant as possible, while making the build process as simple as possible
LED Lighting Experiment
Just how bright are those LED strip lights? Can they be used as regular lighting?

DIY bucket cyclone separator
Experimenting with a cheap and easy method to add a cyclone pre-separator to my shopvac.
Simple Shop Vac Fix
It sounded like it was about to break, but the fix turned out to be easy. Don't be afraid to take things apart!
Hello Internet Nail and Gear Plaque
Carving and Framing the official flag of Hello Internet : nerdiness ahead!

Projects from 2015:

Worst job in my shop
A quick simple shop tip to make this as painless as possible. (Still the worst job!)

Fan Fix Hack
It was a broken fan, but we can rebuild it! It's a total hack job, but who cares?
Exotic Red Nightsand
Maple and African Padauk come together in this shaker-styled bedside cabinet. Yes, the colour is all-natural!
Small Drawer Lock Joint
Another way of making drawers with one router bit and one router table setup.

Easy Build Mission Side Table
Hall Table, Entry Table... Call it what you like; it's got classy mission styling.
Marble Racetrack
Let me show you how I made this wonderfully noisy marble toy.
Writing Desk in a Weekend
Quick, Simple,and Elegant -- A Shaker Style writing desk designed and built in just a few days. No one needs to know you used plywood to speed things up!

Dust Collection Upgrade
Extending my DC system across the shop. Maximum suction achieved!
Fixing My Tablesaw Stand
Tearing down, repairing, and rebuilding my mobile tablesaw workstation.
Nested Finger-Jointed Card Boxes
Two simple boxes nest together to provide custom storage for card games.

Tripod Topper
A custom camera mount for the top of a tripod
Knockdown Guitar Stand
Building a solid Cherry guitar stand with maple accents. (Plans Available)
X-Wing Birdhouse
Take an ordinary birdhouse and redesign it to resemble the Rebel Alliance X-Wing fighter.

Stemware Storage Rack
Overhead storage for your wineglasses in this classy yet simple project.
Harvest Table (part 3)
Finishing up (literally) my solid Ash Harvest table.
Adding Curved Inserts to a cutting board to make it extra gorgeous!

Headphone Stands
Building some fun stands to hold your headphones. A fun and creative father+son project
Fliptop Stand Revisited
A Tour and Teardown of my fliptop planer stand.
Harvest Table (part 2)
Part two of building my new solid ash table.

Cedar Strip Canoe
Finished: LARGE six-part photo album documenting the building of a cedar strip canoe.
Harvest Table (part 1)
Building a solid Ash Hardwood kitchen table in a modified "Harvest Table" styling.
Disc Sander Build
An experiment in building a disc sander from a surplus furnace motor and other free/scrap parts.

Projects from 2014:

Plywood Veneer Repair
How to quickly repair small areas of damaged veneer on your plywood projects.
Office Side Table
Building a long and narrow table for an office. I'm keeping this one quick and simple!
Craft Table
On the design and building of a top for a craft table -- mostly about working through different design challenges.

Built ANOTHER cajon, and this time put it on video. This is a thin-walled cajon for a different sound.
Fix A Broken Chair Spindle
Quick Fix to repair a broken spindle in the back of a chair
TV Gear Cabinet
A solid pine cabinet designed to hold all your home entertainment gear.

Drawer Storage/Pencil Tray
Simple project to build an organizer/pencil tray for a modern office desk, using reclaimed office chairs for wood!
Under-Stairs Storage
Build a rolling cart to fit some storage under the bottom end of your basement stairs.
iPod/iPhone Passive Speaker
Improve the sound of your iPod or iPhone with this quick, simple, and fun project

Canoe Build: 5
Part five ...
Canoe Build: 4
Part four ...
Canoe Build: 3
Part three ...

Canoe Build: 2
Part two ...
Canoe Build: 1
Part one of a LARGE photo album documenting the building of a cedar strip canoe.
Bandsaw To The Basement
A small photo album of moving a large tool to a basement shop.

Tablesaw Workstation
A Modular Mobile Workstation for your Tablesaw that does NOT require you to dismantle or modify your saw, and adds tons of storage to your shop.
Window Replacement
A photo essay on replacing some windows in my house.
Interior Auto LED upgrade
Replacing ALL the interior lights in my minivan with LEDs -- no more dead batteries!

Cool Custom Beach Chairs
Build yourself some of these for the beach, camp, or cottage! (They pack flat!)
Bathroom StepStool
Little ones need a step up to help them reach!
Cutting Boards
A photo album of several different side grain cutting boards.

Fliptop Tool Stand
Updated for 2014 -- Fit two tools in the space of one.
Tangram & Gift Box
Building a Tangram Tile set and presentation box.
Building a Cajon - a Box Drum.

This index contains articles from 2014 through 2016

All article links: 2017 and onward -- 2014 through 2016 -- 2013 and earlier