Knockdown Guitar Stand Plans


Knockdown Guitar Stand Plans

Cost: $7

If you would like to build your own version of my Knockdown Guitar Stand, these plans can help you to do so.

When I designed and built my son's guitar stand I did not intend to produce a set of plans. It was very much a free flowing design process. If you read the webpage article or watched the youtube video then you know that I went through several designs before I found the correct one that worked for our guitar. So I did not think that a set of plans would be that helpful, given how "custom" this was. Nevertheless, I have received several inquiries since producing that video, from people looking for printable templates. So I decided to put together a basic set of plans.

The plans consist of a 15 page PDF file, which contains 12 pages of 1:1 drawings which you can print out and glue (or tape) together to give you lifesize plans that you can use to build the guitar stand. These plans were taken from photos of my own completed guitar stand.


  1. These are just 1:1 plans. There are no detailed build instructions included.
  2. This stand was designed to hold a Bass guitar that weighed approximantely 10 pounds (4-4.5kg) and was approximately 47 inches (119cm) long. If your guitar differs significantly from those dimensions, then you may need to make adjustents to your stand.
  3. As stated, these plans were generated from photos of the parts of my stand. I did NOT remove the leather padding that is wrapped around the neck support, so that does partly obscure the shape of that piece. I do believe, though, that most people would be concerned with the angles and positions of the intersecting notches, and those are shown correctly.
  4. The 1:1 plans have a diagonal grid overlay to help you in assembling the pages together into one big plan. You will need to ensure that your printer is printing at a true 100% in order to get an accurate plan. You can check this by first printing out a few pages and measuring the diagonal grid, and then making any needed adjustments on your print menu -- for example, setting it to print at 98% or 102% as needed -- and then testing again.


Here is a preview of several pages from the plans:

Also, here is a photo showing the upright from my guitar stand laying beside the 1:1 plans for the upright. I was testing the plan printout and thought this would be a good photo to give you an idea of what the plans look like.

On receipt of payment, a link to download the plans will be emailed to you.

The PDF file is 2 MB in size, and should display on any computer equipped with a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat (mac/win/linux) or Preview(mac).

If you have any questions or concerns, please see the "Contact Me" link under the "About" menu at the top of every page.

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There can be no refunds on downloaded plans.

Thank-you for your support!

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