Heirloom Pushtoy Plans


Heirloom Pushtoy Plans

Cost: $ 5

If you would like to build your own version of my Heirloom Push Toy these plans can help you to do so.

My first version of this project was designed and built in 1998. Much later, a build article was written and published in the Nov 2004 issue of Canadian Home Workshop Magazine. This magazine has since ceased publication, though as of the Autumn of 2016 I note that their website still online.

In 2016 I built another version of this toy. This time I thoroughly documented the process with photos and video. These plans are all-new; based on this new build. The most important feature of these new instructions is the inclusion of 1:1 plans to help you build the bending form, which I believe is the most difficult part of the project.

The plans consist of a 28 page PDF file, which includes 14 pages of illustrated step-by-step instructions. (These are illustrated with photos from the build.) The instructions are based on the youtube build videos which I produced.

The plans also include 8 pages of 1:1 plans. This includes plans for the bending form, plans for the wheels, and plans for the noisemaker blocks.

NOTES ABOUT the 1:1 Plans: The 1:1 plans have a diagonal grid overlay to help you in assembling the pages together into one big plan. You will need to ensure that your printer is printing at a true 100% in order to get an accurate plan. You can check this by first printing out a few pages and measuring the diagonal grid, and then making any needed adjustments on your print menu -- for example, setting it to print at 98% or 102% as needed -- and then testing again.


Here is a preview of several pages from the plans:

On receipt of payment, a link to download the plans will be emailed to you.

The PDF file is 6 MB in size, and should display on any computer equipped with a PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat (mac/win/linux) or Preview(mac).

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There can be no refunds on downloaded plans.

Thank-you for your support!

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