X-wing Birdhouse Plans


X-wing Birdhouse Plans

Cost: $7

If you would like to build your own version of my X-Wing Birdhouse these plans can help you to do so.

The plans consist of a 5 megabyte zip file, consisting of:

  • A 21 page PDF file, which contains Measured 3-D drawings (plans). It also contains basic instructions for assembling the birdhouse. Finally, it contains a printout of ALL of the images/scenes from the Sketchup Model. (These 3D images make up 2/3 of the document. The actual measured drawings and instructions account for 7 pages.)
  • A hightly detailed SketchUp Model of the birdhouse plan. This which allows you to view the project from any 3-D angle. There are numerous 'scene' tabs which show multiple views of the project, as well as some individual components and detailed closeup views.

    NOTE: The Sketchup file has been updated to match the actual paint scheme used in the video. (almost -- The rings on the engines were left out. Some things are easier in real life tha in Sketchup!) As well, the model has been adjusted to show the back trimmed to match the nosecone, as I realized partway through the video that it had to go. You can see some of these changes in the previews below.

  • A photo folder that contains several medium resolution pictures of the X-Wing birdhouse which I built.


Here is a preview of several pages from the plans:

On receipt of payment, a link to download the plans will be emailed to you.

The ZIP file is 5 MB in size, and should open on any computer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please see the "Contact Me" link under the "About" menu at the top of every page.

(Please Note: The "Buy Plan Now" button will pop up a window to gumroad.com which is the digital store hosting company that I use to handle the purchase transactions.)

There can be no refunds on downloaded plans.

Thank-you for your support!

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