Woodworking Projects and Plans,
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Cantilever Leg Desk

Simple Modern Desk. Suitable also as a Craft or Sewing desk. Features cantilevered legs for plenty of leg room

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Dust Pipe Rethink

I decided that I actually had TOO MUCH dust collector piping, and got rid of some, and replaced others with a Shop Vac system

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Laptop Storage Tower

Scrapwood project to make a quick and simple project to store laptops in the office

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Shut-The-Box Game

More than just a classic party game, this is also a Skill Building project that includes: Piston-Fit nested boxes, Learning to apply Veneer, Gluing in a Suede playing surface, and more!

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Not Your Basic Coasters

Start with carefully choosing, sorting, and arranging scrap wood, and end with several sets of stunning coaster sets

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Multi-Level Plant Stand (or Cat Tree?)

Tall and airy with five levels. Places for five plants, though you may call it a cat tree!

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Helical Head Jointer Upgrade

Instead of replacing my jointer, which was otherwise fine; I upgraded it by replacing the cutter head with a helical cutter head with replaceable carbide knives.

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Project From The Archives...

(I've been posting woodworking projects to the web in one form or another since 1996.)

One-Of-A-Kind Push Toy: Let me show you how I made this rather noisy heirloom push toy.

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